About Talamh Tea

Talamh is the Scottish and Irish Gaelic word for Earth or ground.

Our blended Tea and Tisane range is intended for those who feel a connection to our Earth.
In the beginning was a blended "Lemon Ginger" Tea, based on Japanese Sencha Green Tea, with home dried ginger, and spices.

To bring this to you we have had to use bought in dried ginger, and galangal, Lemongrass, and Spanish dried lemon peel, together with Organic Fennel seeds, Organic Cardamom, and Japanese Sencha Green Tea. Carefully blended to make a light lemon ginger tea, which tastes wonderfully refreshing when served cold the next day from a pot left sitting overnight.

Then we made a Jasmine Tea, from Chinese Jasmine Green Tea to which we added Star Anise, Calendula flowers, and Edible Rose petals to make our "Summer Gardens" blend.
Finally we blended our Japanese Sencha Green Tea whith Chamomile and Calendula to make a refreshing morning Tea which we call "Spring Morning"

"Tisane" range

Our range of Tisanes is complementary to our Tea blends, specially made for those who do not want Caffeine, but like flavour.

First in the lineup is "Rose Garden" which has a balanced blend of Chamomile and Calendula with some Edible Rose petals, delicate and floral can be served anytime hot or cold.
Next is our special evening blend containing European Lime Flowers in our Chamomile and Calendula blend called "Sunset Blend"

Finally we have our "Evening Rose" which is a wonderful harmony of Organic Hibiscus Flowers, Star Anise, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Edible Rose.

All of our blends are good to drink cold or chilled, and will develop flavours whilst left longer in the pot, it's even OK to leave them overnight.

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